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Excellent sour dough starter!! During my lifetime, I have made a lot of starters and this one is by far the best. It made the best tasting bread. Thank you for a great recipe.

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Hooterville Cook June 08, 2006

If you are having problems with this starter, then it is probably one of these things . . .<br/><br/>1. Not live yoghurt culture - MUST be live, plain yoghurt.<br/><br/>2. Bleached flour - the things used to bleach flour (bromine or iodine - both used to disinfect!) kill the bacteria.<br/><br/>3. Too cold? Keep that puppy warm.

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RayeHawk May 03, 2013

I am throwing in the towel on this; I have made the starter 4 times and it is not working out for me; it either does not develop or it goes mouldy before I get to the point of fermentation. I have tried different bowl and different temperatures. I picked the recipe because it read 'foolproof'. I have tried to make startes before without success; but I guess I have to admit that I am a real fool when it comes to starters. I will keep trying because it irritates me that I can't make it work. I bake quite a bit of bread and really should know how to get this done.

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Deantini March 04, 2012

This stuff is great and I made a double batch. Because I'm in freezing cold Michigan I set it on a heating pad set to 80 degrees and loosely wrapped in a kitchen towel. I made ~Nimz~ Rustic Country Sourdough Bread Rustic Country Sourdough Bread with it on the 7th day and it was fabulous! Thanks Paula for posting this!

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SkyGlitter December 17, 2010

Sourdough does not need nor does it want, milk or yogurt. Some start a starter with pineapple juice or other sugars, like here with milk. The yeast in sourdough is NOT the brewers yeast you buy and active in warm water with sugar. Different specie or yeast. Sourdough specie of yeast eats flower. Hence you need NOTHING but water, real flower, and time. <br/><br/>One thing that pineapple juice, milk, and other ingredients can do, is make the starter unpleasant for other yeast and bacterium. So in fact it does nothing to encourage sourdough it might dis courage other Eukaryote (single cell, yeast) and bactirium, making that first 3 days not so nasty. <br/><br/>It could all do the opposite. Leave milk on the kitchen counter for 3 day...desirable??? Milk is also homogenized and pasteurized. If milk is used, it should be RAW milk. Non pasteurized, non homogenized. Leave homogenized milk for 3 days at room temperature, you have a nasty thing. leave raw milk on counter...you have cheese.

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dufduf July 26, 2013

This is the best starter I've ever used !! Kept it in lower oven light on temp stayed between 81-84 .<br/>Made sourdough pancakes after 72 hr proof time really really good !! Thanks for a great recipe

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Fly boy 2 June 25, 2013

THIS IS THE ONE! EASY! EASY! EASY! For years I have tried to make a sourdough starter and they always failed. Not only is this starter easy, it is VERY STABLE. I have yet to put her into the fridge. She is loving staying out on the countertop. I made a very successful Sourdough Bread Machine loaf. #47089 I highly recommend! Very easy. Nice suttle sour taste. I LOVE EASY! : ) I have fed my baby with milk and flour but think I might try feeding her with buttermilk and rye or wheat flour. We love the sour taste. I can hardly wait to make pancakes! THIS IS A KEEPER! Thanks Paula!

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YaYa September 13, 2009

Absolutely fantastic - took about 5 days to really get going, but the bread I made last night was superb. Thanks for another keeper, Paula

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Brian Damage November 27, 2007

Paula this is some terrific stuff. I made this weeks ago, and am getting my third sour dough bread out of it. I used the starter in ~Nimz's~Rustic Country Sourdough Bread. Both recipes made the most outstanding bread I have ever had. This was so easy and quick to put together. We only heat by woodstove in the winter, so I sit the started about 3 feet from the woodstove. It keeps bubbling and improves more everytime. Thank you so much Paula, I hope this stays around for a long, long, time.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 18, 2007
Foolproof Sourdough Starter