Foolproof Pastel Divinity

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Total Time
5 mins
20 mins

Easy divinity recipe that uses Jell-o as one of the ingredients. You can change not only the taste, but also the color of the candy.

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  1. Mix sugar, syrup and water.
  2. Cook over medium heat;stirring constantly until sugar dissolves.
  3. Continue to cook until it reaches hard ball stage.
  4. Beat egg whites until fluffy.
  5. Gradually add dry Jell-o until mixture holds a peak.
  6. Pour syrup into egg white mixture, beating constantly until candy holds its shape and loses gloss.
  7. Fold in nuts, coconut and vanilla extract.
  8. Pour into a 8 inch square that has been buttered.
  9. Let stand until firm.
  10. Cut in pieces with knife dipped in hot water.