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This review is for the cooking method only as I make and use my own rub and sauce based on Jim's "Don't Spare the Spareribs" Ribs . I see absolutely no flaw with the rub and at some point I will try it and I will update the review when I do.

I have used this method several times on a few different grills and always with great success.The cooking method works just fine but remember, the times are just a guideline. If your racks of ribs are on the lighter side check them earlier. A good indicator for ribs is when 1/4 of an inch of the bone ends are exposed they should be pretty much done and ready for finishing with sauce. In my opinion and based on experience, if they are "falling off the bone" they are overcooked, if the bone ends are not exposed by at least a quarter inch they are undercooked.

Also remember that this method is for Baby Back Ribs. Spare Ribs (From the underside of the rib cage) are a much tougher cut with more connective tissue and will require long slow cooking to achieve the desired results. I have not tried this method for "Southern Style" ribs yet but I plan to

I noticed one reviewer had a bad experience and they are probably correct in thinking the grill was too hot. I am wondering if maybe they either forgot to turn down the heat or didn't put the ribs on the upper rack of the grill. It is important to Know Your Grill!!!

Bottom Line, This method has not let me down yet and it is the only method I use for grilling Baby Backs.

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Isabella's Can Opener July 25, 2012

These were FABULOUS!!! I had never tried to make baby back ribs before because all the other recipes I had seen just seemed like so much work. The only minor adjustment I made was to use a rib rack set on top of the main grilling surface because my top rack was not large enough for all the ribs. We have a 3-burner gas grill and I placed the ribs over the center burner and turned it off, leaving the other 2 burners on for indirect heat. I kept an eye on the temperature (about 280 degress) for the hour that the ribs were on the grill, but I didn't open the lid. They were some of the most tender ribs that I have ever had...anywhere!! I will certainly make these again. Thanks so much for taking the intimidation of ribs away!!!!!!!

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momof2sweeties July 05, 2007


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mrssimmons001 May 30, 2016

Great ribs! I was highly skeptical of the recipe, as others have mentioned. I've always cooked via indirect heat and preferably with either a charcoal or wood burning grill. Well what do you know, this REALLY works. Naturally people can tinker with spices and sauces, but it is the ~1 hour cooking time that is the charm. It seems to take me about 1 hr and 15 minutes, and I'm trying 2 racks at the same time today, so we'll see what that does to the cooking time. For those commenting on "2 levels" of a grill and not ever hearing about this, I've never seen a grill without a 2nd rack. You might think of it as a bread warming rack, it's only 4-5" wide and isn't a whole "second level." Also, for those asking about indirect or not, it's not indirect in this recipe. But by putting tin foil down under them, it is semi-indirect as the heat is somewhat deflected initially, and certainly protected from flare-ups. Many thanks for the great recipe, it's changed my rib grilling technique going forward!!

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Seth May 21, 2016

You didn't mention if you placed the ribs directly over the heat or used indirect heat?

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Tom G. July 04, 2015

This was a GREAT cooking tip I have struggled to cook a good set of ribs. I was a little "gun shy" of this grilling method, but the y came so good I reaalt surprised myself and family. Thanks i will use this from now on.

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TDcandel July 01, 2015

Best ribs I ever had! I thought I knew how to cook'em before.

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jerrygfl28 June 28, 2015

I am going to try this tomorrow as it looks like a winner but where in the world are you all getting grills with two levels? I am almost 60 and never have seen one and no one I know has. so I will cut mine in two and put on the center portion and turn it off leave the side two on will let you know how it turns out

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Jeanne S. June 23, 2015

The rub is not to my taste and I will try one of the others that I have used in the past, but the cooking method works well. I'll probably use it again when I don't want to fire up the smoker and spend 5 hours cooking ribs.<br/><br/>These took 1:10 on my grill, plus another 10 minutes on slightly higher heat after brushing on sauce.<br/><br/>The recipe doesn't say anything about adding smoke, but you can do it pretty easily by putting wood chips in a foil pack if you don't have a metal tray for them. The smoke definitely add something (I like pecan, apple, hickory, oak, or a mixture of these).

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JGsped August 27, 2013
Foolproof Baby Back Ribs