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Excellent Tandoori! We loved this recipe, it was simple to put together and had a really authentic taste. I omitted the food colouring but otherwise made it as written. We'll be making this again, thanks! Made for Aussie Swap! :)

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~Leslie~ January 20, 2012

Wonderful, a beautiful blend of Indian spices and an amazing aroma while cooking. I served with home-made yoghurt with some cumin mixed through along with steamed rice and a bit of salad. I went to buy some red food colouring but the store had run out and the closest available was called rose pink. I thought the small quantity wouldn't show through that much but boy was I wrong and the marinade was a bizarre pink colour, but it worked really well because after cooking and browning it turned to a very appetising red.

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Peter J August 12, 2012

I love tandoori chicken and this is really good. I prefer it grilled (I don't have a tandoori grill, though) but for being done in the oven, this really turned out nicely. I am going to give this a try when the weather permits some outdoor cooking! (I have to use up the BIG jar of tandoori paste I bought! :) )

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Outta Here March 15, 2009

We also saw this on TV and have wanted to make it since I saw you'd posted it. I'm glad I did as we really enjoyed it a lot. The only changes I made to the recipe you posted were to use drumsticks and 1 teaspoon of Kashmiri chilli powder. I don't have the fridge space to marinate anything for two days, so slashed the drumsticks to the bone a few times, massaged the mix in really well and left them for two hours. They were fine. We ate our chicken with rice, yoghurt and a simple salad of red onion, cuc, tomato, fresh coriander and lemon juice.

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JustJanS November 06, 2008

I really liked this recipe. I used chicken breasts and skipped the food coloring. It was very flavorful and a bit spicy -- well enjoyed.

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Maito February 09, 2008
Food Safari's Tandoori Chicken