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I made three different almond paste recipes I found here on Zaar. All were quite good but this one was my favorite recipe. The instructions are very good and I like having no egg or powdered sugar. I think there could be more almond extract though. I appreciate having precise temperature instructions and the 235 degrees is the best of the different temperatures I tried (both higher and lower temps were tried). Thanks Canada Girl!

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Mrs Goodall November 15, 2008

I needed almond paste for Cinnamon-Almond Croissants on this site and was out. I whipped this together quickly and I loved it as the filling in the criossants. I didn't blanch the almonds as I don't mind the flecks from the skins. Once all blended it did dry out quickly, but I put the leftover in the fridge and we'll see what happens when I need to use it. Maybe I'll have to moisten a bit. I DO love the idea of not having to buy almond paste for recipes in the future!

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Adopt Pets April 25, 2010

I have never used almond paste before, but I needed some to fulfill a special Thanksgiving request for an Almond tart. I halved the recipe, and immediately after making it, I thought that it was way too sticky to use in the recipe. But after wrapping and chilling overnight, it was perfect! I found a good deal on almonds at Aldi's so this was vvery economical. Thanks for sharing!

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Not-2-Sweet December 04, 2009

I favored this recipe because it did not use conf. sugar. I made it to use as base for Christmas cookies. It was easy to make, great tasting and so much better than store bought. Used for my Italian Pignoli cookies... Lots of compliments!! Thank you! It's a keeper....

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Jopalis December 28, 2007
Food Processor Almond Paste