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this recipe worked out well for me. it was very very sweet though and i felt the sugar overwhelmed the flavoring that was added. I would also not recommend stirring this by hand. i did it for my first batch and what a horrible sticky mess it was. for my second batch i used my mixer with kneading hook to mix before dumping it out to knead by hand. worked great. until complete though it's the stickiest stuff ever! be prepared.

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Calla Flower August 24, 2009

This was easier to make than I was anticipating. I've done the boxed fondant before and it was ok. I wanted to try something new and I love the way fondant looks on cake and I thought fresh made would taste better. I made a two layer cake for mothers day tomorrow iced it and then did the fondant. Wow! I too did not sift and it turned out fine, but I did use the entire two pound bag, and a little extra. The more powd. sug. you use the better. I had no trouble mixing it by hand with the wood spoon, I just kept folding the mix into the sugar. You've got to really work the sugar into it so it's no longer sticky, my first try at rolling it out it stuck to the counter (luckily you can just scrape it up and ball it up again and start over.) so I suggest you let it set in the air for a while to dry out just a little. Also the more you handle it the more it warms up and will get sticky again, so keep lots of powd. sugar on hand to keep the stickiness at bay and flip it over a lot and re-powder while you are rolling out. I omitted the almond extract and did lemon extract instead to match the frosting I made. I didn't feel the sugar overpowered, it's fondant so it's supposed to taste sugary, but the lemon stood out and I think you can do as much or as little flavoring as you'd like. I also set some aside and added some color to make an accent (tho I recommend adding color to your liquid goo first if you want color!) I'm not a professional so my cake isn't perfect, but I think this is something I'll continue to do because it's so fun! The proof will be in the taste tomorrow, but otherwise, great recipe! Thanks!

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kcbex003 May 08, 2010

It was easy to make (took a long time though) and tasted good!

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Genetics85 July 06, 2009

This fondant was delicious and very easy to work with. I prepped it one day ahead of time, then wrapped it in saran wrap & put it in a tupperware container to "cure". I will be using this recipe from now on.

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Bullscreeker June 21, 2013

I had never made rolled fondant before and it was really fun! This recipe was easy to follow and the resulting fondant was no problem to work with. It did take a little extra icing sugar but...things often do. One thing I did differently is I rolled out on cornstarch and dusted the rolling pin with cornstarch.

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champagnemethod December 22, 2011

This was my first time using fondant and this recipe worked out great. I used Vanilla extract instead of almond. It was easy to make and I%u2019ll be using this recipe over and over again. Thanks so much for sharing.

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jgreenlaw April 09, 2011

This is an easy to make recipe, and it takes color very nicely. It makes more than enough fondant and, I'm not a huge fan of the taste of fondant but as far as fondant goes it's the best tasting I've tried. Also the texture isn't rubbery which is important. It is very sticky to work with and I put shortening and icing sugar on my working surface to stop it from sticking.

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partysweets October 14, 2010