Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

Don't throw away your foam soap dispenser or spend extra on the refills when you run out. It's easy to make your own! This also works with shampoo.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 44.37 ml liquid hand soap or 44.37 ml Joy dishwashing soap
  • 158.51 ml warm water


  1. Gently mix soap with water.
  2. Do not shake.
  3. Pour into foam soap dispenser.
  4. Note: I used Dawn dishwashing liquid (apple blossom anti-bacterial soap) with great results.
  5. I did a test run first using 1 tablespoon soap to 4 tablespoons water.
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Works great! If after a few refills your pump gets gummed up and doesn't want to pump, just unscrew the pump, turn it upside down under warm running water and pump until all the gunk is pumped out. Wallah, works like new.

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I attempted to come up with my own ratio years ago and failed miserably. I went foam soap refill CRAZY last night. I had a big bottle of refill with a tiny bit left and filled up one bathroom. I then made an entire bottle in the refill to use at a later date. I made a dawn foam for the kitchen. I held on to my kid's foam pumps, cleaned them out and made a shampoo foam and a body wash foam for her and a baby wash foam for the baby. Then I used my expensive facewash that I'm supposed to lather in my hands first anyway and used it last night. It was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much jp for the right ratio and the trick of using warm/hot water (my mistake before too using cold).

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Animal, vegetable or mineral...bring it on. Worked great.