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This was easy to make (I used an electric mixer) and cooker perfectly. The only issue I had was that the mixture rose at least an inch above the sides of the tin, luckily still inside the baking paper though! The bottom of the sponge collapsed a bit under its own weight, but the top is delightfully fluffy. I'll definitely make this again, but next time I'll divide the mixture between two tins.

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Felius October 09, 2005

I cooked this sponge yesterday and as they say, "the proof will be in the eating", but it looks the goods. However, I go along with the other reviews. Two pans are essential. My cake rose, and rose and rose and a good quantity of batter finished up on the bottom of the oven. Also, it would be great if more tips are given on how to test if the sponge is cooked. I used a 23cm springform pan and after cooking at 160 degrees for 35 minutes, it was still gooey. So I cooked for another 15-20 minutes before I was happy. I used a metal skewer to prick it, but I now understand this is not on. But, the cakes is now filled with whipped cream and crushed pineapple and looks really great.

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Barry J. February 15, 2014

This was excellent. I have made it several times and has always been a success. I would, however, encourage others to use two sandwich tins (23cm) instead of piling all the mixture into one. This mixture rises considerably and by using two tins, it gives you an amazing sandwich cake, without having to cut it in half. I used a stand mixer and it made this recipe effortless.
Perfect texture for a fresh cream and strawberry filling. Highly recommended. An impressed audience every time!!

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dizzie1 May 22, 2011
Fluffy Sponge Cake