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Mmmmmm, very nice! I loved it. However, my pan-cake seemed (to me)as if it had too much butter! I recoomend reducing the butter a little.I am not a fan of too much lemon so only drizzled a little bit on the cake. It was so yummy! Thanks for posting this very interesting recipe, I'll be making this again :) You could also try sprinkling with cheese instead of sugar for a more savory cake. PS- these are also called 'Dutch babies'

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Judi90 October 06, 2007

This was good! Definitely too much butter for my tastes, and mine did not come out fluffy but rather dense, but it still tasted great. My 1 year old gobbled it up like crazy, although my 3 year old wouldn't touch it...but then he won't eat anything that isn't meat-related during his current "phase." Super quick, and for me, super cheap, since I have a free source of milk and eggs. Will definitely make this again!

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RSL February 26, 2011

This was great! It was eaten right away, and I have the family asking for more.
About the butter, it did seem it had too much butter(I guess it is a matter of taste), but next time I will definitely reduce it. And I didn't add lemon, just sugar, and it tasted just fine. I recommend playing with this recipe to find out what suites best your taste.

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vavidoo January 05, 2011

I just Love,Love,Love lemon,and the picture of this recipe, I just had to give this a try!! I`m So glad I did, It will be a regular at our breakfast table!! Thank You for the fantastic recipe!!!

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Mar~Bear January 22, 2006

OMG, this was GREAT! I have only recently gotten into making oven pancakes and this one is the best one so far! It was so easy to throw together. When I took it out of the oven, it was so big and shiny. Then as I watched it deflate, it turned into this wrinkly, ugly thing. It was so neat! Ugly food is beautiful when it tastes this good! I didn't have a fresh lemon, so I used purchased lemon juice. Then we sprinkled icing sugar over top. My fiance and I had this for breakfast and we ate the whole thing between the two of us. We both walked away full. We were a little skeptical about using the lemon juice so we had the first couple pieces with it. But then we got adventurous and tried the lemon juice. We wished we had tried it that way from the beginning! What a remarkable taste experience! I will make this one again and again!

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Saturn January 21, 2006
Fluffy Pan-Cake