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This stuff is fun, but borax is toxic (as little as a spoonful can be lethal to a small child or pet) so please be careful using this with children!!!!! See the MSDS on boric acid (which borax converts to in the body) here: http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/englishhtml/b3696.htm. 20 Mule Team's MSDS is here (PDF form): http://www2.prosarcorp.com/msds_frame.asp?site_id=196&msds_id=685&lang=en where they say you should use gloves when handling it, don't use it on skin that is not intact (the effect of using it on broken skin is similar to eating it) and warn of effects on unborn children and male reproductive organs if it's accidentally ingested, plus lots more health warnings.

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poette April 13, 2009

This stuff is great and awesome for 2 . So much fun!

@poette-This makes over 2lbs of Flubber, a child would literally have to eat the entire 2lbs to get even get close to the toxic level It's probably way safer then the levels of toxins they 'allow' in most plastic children's toys and clothing.

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Funmomoftwins April 01, 2012

Thanks so much. Both of my kids loved it (10 & 3) We used neon food coloring and made one batch bright green and one turquoise. So cute. :)

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Kiersten Phae August 26, 2008

This is so much fun. DH had as much fun as the kids! Thanks for such a neat idea!

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Z,G,L's mom January 01, 2008

I used to make this when my triplet daughters were young. They had a blast with it! I think they'd still play with it if I made it now (they're 17!). It is also a great demonstration of a physical reaction when you combine the 2 mixtures. It's educational too!

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HisPixie July 01, 2007

There is a version of this that uses laundry starch instead of borax. Don't even bother to attempt that version, its a huge mess...on the other hand, this version with borax is far far superior and creates a more solid polymer. We mixed the water with the food coloring and then mixed in the glue. In the group that we invited to join us, there were a few kids with sensory sensitivities, so we put each mini "batch" into a zipper bag and the kids had at it. It came together almost instantly. Interestingly, once the mixture came together all the kids wanted to have their fingers in the stuff!

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Akikobay June 17, 2007

It was easy to make and didn't make a mess. My kids loved it.

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Chris from Kansas December 31, 2006

My kids LOVE Flubber!!! This year I was asked to bring a craft for my son's 2nd grade class for their Halloween party. They LOVED this stuff!!! I use this recipe, but with one change. For Mixture #2, I use 1 1/3 cups warm water and 4 tsp Borax (instead of only 2 tsp Borax.) THEN, I simply pour Mixture #1 (glue mixture) into the bowl containing the Borax water (mixture #2). Instantly the Flubber is formed. Simply lift the Flubber out of the bowl. NO KNEADING OR MIXING NECESSARY. Also, the recipe can easily and successfully be halved, but one only needs to halve Mixture #1 (the glue mixture.) No need to halve Mixture #2. It works beautifully!!! ~Jeff's Girl Way Out West

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Jeff's Girl Way Out West November 05, 2005

This turned out perfect!! I have my green flubber in a zip lock bag and it one week later and it still looks good. I got the glue at walmart for $0.20 a bottle, I bought 9 bottles and the mule team borax its a huge box and it was only $2.47-i had the food coloring. I raced home to become a evil scientist...lol mixing my concoction in my kitchen, I mean lab took all but 5 min and viola slime its great...i am well past my twenties but I remember when my son was small we would by this stuff at toy's r us and now I can make it. My son is now grown with his own place now and when he stopped over the other day I said lqqk what I made he busted out laughing he said oh I remember that stuff...so we made another batch this time red..we had alot of fun even though were both adults..brought back the kid in both of us..thanks!

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BUZY-LADY August 18, 2005

Success! It was an easy recipe and instructions to follow. Although, while making it, I thought I had messed up....it slowly started to come together and absorb all the liquid. My 9 yo daughter is one happy camper playing with her flubber! I plan on sharing this with my friends who have kids. Also - VERY cheap to make right now (in August) with all the school supply sales on glue....stock up moms!!!! :-)

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Pam-I-Am August 11, 2005