Flower Ice Bowls

Total Time
16 hrs
0 mins

Talk about presentation! These gorgeous frozen floral bowls (edible!) are recommended for cold soups, particularly fruit soups. But I figure anything cold would be more than enhanced by these bowls. You can make a bowl for each serving or one big serving bowl. Recipe discovered in "Cooking Fearlessly: Recipes and other Adventures from Hudson's on the Bend"

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  • water
  • fresh edible flower (to name a few, rose, pansy, sunflower, basil, honeysuckle, lavender, violets...make sure these are o)


  1. Fill a metal or ceramic bowl 3/4 full with water and the flower petals.
  2. Place a smaller bowl inside the first bowl and anchor with duct tape to keep it centered.
  3. Freeze bowls overnight.
  4. When ready to serve, remove duct tape and the small bowl.
  5. If you happen to have a blow torch, flash the larger bowl to release the finished ice bowl-- but don't worry, room temperature will release the bowl in 10-15 minutes.
  6. Fill with something colorful and yummy and serve!