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First of all, this is a phenomenal idea. I made the recipe for 12 muffins and they weren't bad but the recipe needs some work. I am going to try to make them a little sweeter. I am going to use Truvia blend (conversions of regular sugar to Truvia blend is on back on package). I am also going to try adding some regular and whole flour, as the recipe indicates is possible. These muffins deflate once they come out of the oven and I would love for them to retain the usual muffin 'dome' top. I've heard a small amount of vinegar is used in some of the specialty bean brownie recipes to allow them to rise as well, so I'm going to add 1/2 teaspoon to my next batch. All in all, a valiant effort by this recipe and definitely worth continuing to experiment to make them scrumptious. Thank you for the recipe.

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Ileana V. January 16, 2015

Tasted like beans. Strange recipe .I used canneli beans and fresh organic eggs. The warm up on day two tasted more like beans. They looked like muffins. Maybe more seasoning would help.

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madkilling June 06, 2008
Flourless Bean Muffins (Sweet Version)