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This cake was pretty good. It worked out well for my husband's birthday, since he is allergic to wheat. However, I am not sure I cooked it long enough because it did not hold together very well and was more liquidy than caramelly. I would recommend making this the day before, because I forgot to take the chill time into account, so we did not get to eat it on his birthday. I will probably try again some time, because it is a healthy alternative to a regular cake.

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Prose July 05, 2008

I was really excited to try this... took a while to do it because of the time involved but I finally did it. I had a few problems: one was getting the sugar to carmelize. I have a gas range and used the center of the dial for medium, however, after 8 minutes it wasn't even starting to turn color. I waited a while longer and eventually it started to act like it had lost too much water and was drying out. I had to start all over with a new batch of sugar. I looked up other recipes and found the instructions the same as yours but a higher heat, I tried that and it worked perfectly. Second problem was the same result as Prose mentioned (liquidy). I don't see how that would change with a longer bake time but I may try removing the top after 5 hrs and baking it another hour to let the juice evaporate some. The flavor of the juice was DIVINE, it tasted like it had rosewater added... attibute it to the orange zest which should NOT be omitted!

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Chef Tweaker June 21, 2011

I have not made this, but I can tell it would be just wonderful, thanks for the recipe am going to try it very soon.

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Janine Ross September 07, 2007
Flourless Apple-Caramel Cake (5 - Hour Cook Time)