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  1. Mix and knead for 5 minutes.
  2. Let rest a few minutes.
  3. Pinch off about a half-dollar size piece and, on a floured surface, roll flat with a rolling pin until 1/8" thick.
  4. Hint: Each time you roll the pin over the tortilla, gently pick it up and turn it; this gives it the roundness.
  5. Also, make sure you are working on a floured surface and keep your rolling pin floured.
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This recipe was fairly easy to make. The dough is extremely sticky. Make sure to have a well floured surface and rolling pin. A trick to make things easier: put wax paper down and flour it to use as your work area. Then, you can turn the wax paper between rollings instead of trying to turn the tortilla...much easier!

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I made this recipe for my hispanic friend and he said they were just like those his grandmother made.

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Granted, I am an amature making tortillas, but all I got out of this was a sticky mess. As soon as I read the recipe I thought there was too much water in it and I was right. I never even added all the water and it was a disater. I didn't even bother to try rolling these out. I quickly found a corn tortilla recipe and made them instead. They came out perfect.