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Yum! Great blend of flavors and really quick to put together. I had some flounder that was a bit too small to fillet properly so used it whole rather than fillet. Very much enjoyed along with the remainder of the wine :)

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Peter J July 11, 2010

The DH had been lucky enough (for me anyway) to have caught a plate size flounder and I had it for lunch the following day (by the time he got in dinner was already on the go) and this recipe was perfect for it. The only change I made was to cook the flounder in a grill pan on the gas stove, I put it on the smallest burner and had to lay the parcel diagonally across the grill pan to fit and set the flame at the lowest possible level and my flounder was perfectly cooked in 13 minutes when I went to check on it, thanky you Rita~ a recipe I will keep in mind if the DH should catch another flounder (or other fish), made for Name that Ingredient tag game.

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I'mPat February 10, 2014

This didn't work out as I expected -- but then again I tried cooking it in the oven instead of on the grill - but the fish all fell apart which I didn't expect.

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ellie_ October 10, 2008
Flounder Fillets Grilled in Foil With an Asian Touch