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Was just going to post this and here it is! From the Bon Appetit site, I followed some of the reviewers suggestions and it was very flavorful! Here are some of those suggestions: Be sure to use fresh thyme and rosemary. Also used half chicken broth/half beef broth, the rest water. (only 3 cups of water) Add the minced rosemary to the cooking liquid of the beans. Add some sea salt in the last 15 minutes of cooking time. Add first sage leaves, then cubed celery to onions when frying them, before adding the canned tomatoes. Plenty of salt and pepper and a squeeze or two of lemon makes this very good. With those suggestions, I think this is a really great soup. Thanks for posting, Bev

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Scoutie February 03, 2010

A wonderful soup. I did make a switch in the beans though, I used black beans because I had them ready to go. It's hearty and very tasty and is a meal in it's self. I really liked the rosemary with the beans, they were most complimentary. Easy to make and whats better than homemade soup? It's a keeper.

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Annacia January 31, 2007

Wonderful bean soup! Takes time to make (simmering), but worth the wait. I started it early in the morning to have for lunch. I chopped my celery stalk and kept it in the soup. It's a great, filling soup. Perfect for lunch. I'll make this again, thanx!

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*Parsley* October 05, 2006

Delicious! I cooked my soaked beans, along with the garlic and celery, in the pressure cooker this morning for 5 minutes. Let the pressure die away naturally, and continued with the recipe later in the afternoon. I also substituted 2 cups of white wine for 2 of the 16 cups of water. I like a little wine in soup.LOL This soup could only be described as 'full-flavoured' and full-bodied'. A sprinkle of freshly-grated parmesan and black pepper at the table were a great garnish. Yummy recipe.

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evelyn/athens May 17, 2006
Florentine White Bean Soup with Pasta