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I really love this recipe. My husband and dad have it 4 stars, but both went back for seconds or more! My mom and I, on the other hand, gave it a definite 5 stars! The best part is my 18 month old gobbles this up! (Plus, this is FULL of iron -spinach & beef- great for us, ladies ;P )

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michellemo87 October 08, 2010

AMAZING! Absolutely divine! The meatloaf has lots of flavor and a good Italian dish. It definitely warms up the body on a cold November evening! I didn't top the meatloaf with a marinara sauce, but I used tomato sauce with pinches of basil, parsley, and oregano, and celery salt. It still turned out great! My meatloaf didn't fall apart either. My oven cooks hot, so I only baked mine for 50 minutes and it had reached 170 degrees and looked and smelled done. Definitely a keeper! YUM!

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Efz001 in the Midwest US November 16, 2008

Outstanding! Very Italian! Not your 'typical' meatloaf at all. Very moist and full of fresh, rich flavor. DO be sure and use the "fresh" ingredients listed as I believe they make a difference (i.e., the fresh herbs, garlic, grated parmesan). I would have been sorry if I hadn't used the marinara sauce - I think it's necessary rather than optional. However, I let my meatloaf cook for a little over an hour, drained off most of the grease, and then topped the loaf with marinara during the last 15 minutes or so of baking time. (My meatloaf did not fall apart and I think that small step helped - and let it cool the 10 minutes before cutting as directed.) This recipe makes a large meatloaf, and I'd sure serve it to company with some nice Italian side dishes and a good Merlot. THANK YOU, Heather & David for this great recipe!

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Cream Puff July 14, 2008

Sophisticated meatloaf! Really good. I did not have ricotta so I used cottage cheese, beef stock, and skipped the marinara. Would be better I bet with ricotta. It did sort of fall apart but not too bad. Great flavor blend and better the next day. Makes a whole lot. Will make again. Thanks Heather & David!

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Jockey August 10, 2007

Not for the faint hearted! A robust, rich and filling meatloaf, unique among meatloaves I've encountered for its complex tastes (I feel as though I'm talking about wine!). Well worth making, though, it's easy. It gets 5 stars for its rich flavours, ease of prep and it yields a lot of servings! I used farmer's sausage, diced in place of Italian sausage as I couldn't get any that day. And it is enhanced by the sauce on top..I used chili sauce. Tanks!!!

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woodland hues May 31, 2007
Florentine Meatloaf