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This is one of those dishes that requires some time for the flavors to develop and to merge. It needs to be garnished and served in a large low bowl, with a knife and fork along with the spoon. This stew certainly goes well with the dark crusty bread. PS -- I snuck some of the bread into the bowl liquid while my wife was out fo the room.

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Roy J September 23, 2009

Sharon, this one gets my Flemish husband's seal of approval ! Absolutely delicious and AUTHENTIC- the Flemish name of this stew is Gentse Waterzooi (loosely translated means a bunch of things thrown in a pot, originally with fish but the version from the city of Ghent, in which my husband was born, always uses chicken). I followed the recipe exactly except I used quick-cooking barley. Thanks from both my husband and from me for posting, it was my first attempt at making it, and with great results !

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FlemishMinx October 06, 2004
Flemish Chicken Stew With Barley