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These little meat buns were fantastic. We had many compliments on them. My kids also loved them in their lunches with a pkg of ketchup for dipping. I will use this recipe alot.

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RuthieG February 28, 2004

Absolutely fantastic. I'm from the Niagara area and after moving to Toronto and away from Mennonite cooking, REALLY missed meat perishky. I tried other recipes that didn't come close -- this one is fantastic. The dough is absolutely perfect.

I did make some changes in the filling but they were very minor.

UPDATE: I'm doing a "vegetarian month" and this is the week I try to go completely vegan, so I just made a completely vegan version. They are phenomenal - and I say this as a committed meat-eater!

To make this version:
- Use oil in the dough, and no egg..
- To make the filling, I mixed together the soup mix, the oil (instead of margarine) and the water. I used 2 packets of No Name onion soup mix, which contains no animal ingredients.
- Then I added, in place of the beef in the filling, I made up 4 cups of reconstituted texturized vegetable protein (from Bulk Barn, it was about 2 cups dry boiling water) 1/4c soy sauce about twenty good shakes worcestershire (vegan worcestershire is available) 2 teaspoons garlic powder.
- After mixing in the other ingredients, I added the breadcrumbs and let it cool down in the fridge while the dough rested/rose a bit.

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MerBot February 15, 2011

I just made these and they are amazing!!! I must admit when I told my family that I was going to make this recipe they weren't very excited, they admitted they were wrong and absolutely love them. I cut the recipe in half and still have oodles for later on.

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Lemon Girl April 18, 2010

My husband is making these as I write...:) He has made these many times in the past year and they are sooooo delicious! Definately a favorite in our family, we will use this recipe many more times to be sure. Thanks so much for posting.

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Firewife16 December 30, 2009

I made these today and they were great. I really liked the dough for these. It was light and fluffy. It felt almost too sticky after I had kneeded it for a while and I was scared but it doubled in size very fast and after baked had a great result. No lipton soup mix in my area so I attempted a recipe I found on this site and it was way too oniony (at first it tasted salty but I realized it was just overwhelming onion taste). So be weary if making your own onion soup mix. I would even cut down on the onion soup if using store bought just in case. You can always sprinkle a bit more onion powder to the end but you cant take that strong stuff out. I halfed the recipe and also did not roll them so small because I was planning to pack them as a quick lunch and it saved my wrists from hurting making so many. Thanks a bunch!

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Wobin January 20, 2009

we loved this recipe! my mother in-law and i took turns making the little balls which worked really well for us! we made it for a pot-luck party and it went over very well, very worth the effort and shoulder pain lol! totally will make this agian!

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rookie kid October 12, 2008

Ok, yes they are lots of work but they are great for parties. Served it for Super Bowl and everyone loved them. Super easy after they are done, just keep warm and enjoy. I did find the meat a bit salty so might make my own onion soup mix and cut back on the salt but that was on the day I made them. I then froze them and waited for Super Sunday, thawed and enjoyed. That did help with the saltiness. I will make these again.

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Pilates Gal February 06, 2006

I came across this recipe while searching for recipes to use anbundance of lard that I received from my sister. I am assuming that with the addition of onion soup mix that this is not a traditional mennonite recipe, lol! However it tastes really good. I used Copycat Lipton's Onion Soup Mix Copycat Lipton's Onion Soup Mix and the 1/2 package of no name, but I think next time I will just use a bit more of the other stuff as it was a little salty. This recipe makes a ton and by the end my buns were really large as I was getting tired. These will be perfect little treats for my upcoming Christmas Party as well as great lunch time snacks as well. They are patiently waiting in the freezer and I have a new recipe to add to my OAMC collection, thanks!

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* Pamela * November 14, 2005

WOW~ These are the best! Defintely a pain to make (literally, my back got sore standing there so long LOL) but oh my . VERY much worth the effort. I had a LOT of dough left over , but I just used it to make regular rolls. I think next time(oh YEAH there will be a next time!)I will try half a batch instead. I literally didn't have a bowl big enough for the dough. The last addition of flour, I had to kind of dump it all out on my counter and work it in that way. If we could give more than 5 stars, we would! :) Thanks for a great recipe!

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Marlene. September 11, 2004
Fleisch Perisky ( Meat Buns)