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Anu, it was very nice! I made this for dinner tonight and mom thought(from the colour of the rice) that I'd made Chinese:) I used a small tomato(paste of) and a small onion(instead of half a medium one). I substituted the butter with cooking oil. I made the onion-broccoli mix and added white rice(cooked) to it. This was the leftover rice we'd made for lunch(about 1 1/2 cups). I had this rice with some low-fat yogurt over it. I enjoyed my meal, thanks to YOU!:)

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Charishma_Ramchandani May 24, 2002

I love anything with sauteed onions. I thought this had a complex flavor for so few ingredients. I did use a lot of fresh ground black pepper, and the broccoli has a bit of a peppery flavor, too, I think. I probably used a full teaspoon or more of butter. I just got some of that concentrated tomato paste in a tube, so it was easy to just use a little. I saw the suggestion of a raita and made a cucumber one to go with this, but I did like it plain too.

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Nose May 07, 2006

nice recipe!!! i was out of basmati & used short grain rice, although i really like basmati & will try it again with basmati the next time. used a little more broccoli than called for, less butter & tomato paste, added 2 tomatoes, diced. i did end up having to add more spices, it was just too bland for my taste. but i love how low it is in cals & fat

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dolphyn722 October 15, 2005

I chose this recipe to use up some tomato paste that I had, as well as how it required minimal work and all the ingredients were on hand. I followed the directions exactly, but I found it to have no flavor at all. (I used long grain rice if that means anything.) After I tested it when it was done, and realized it had no flavor, I added more salt, more pepper, even some chili powder-- but it didn't help. I give this a two-star (rather than a 1) because it was easy to make, and ingredients were on hand. I don't know what I did wrong, and I am sorry it didn't turn out! Perhaps I will try this again sometime, to see if it was just a fluke. Sorry!

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Bec April 01, 2004

I really like this rice. Unique flavor and I like to incorporate veggies whenever possible. We will make this again!

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blisstir February 20, 2004
Flavoured Onion Rice with Broccoli