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I love infused oils. And this one is delish! Infused oils and oil-based mixtures of garlic, herbs can pose a health hazard if not kept refrigerated. I suggest making small amounts to be used quickly. You can also freeze it and just bring to room temperature. Do Use sterile bottles. Thanks for the yummy goodness.

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Rita~ April 19, 2010

I couldn't wait 2 weeks, lol. It was deelish after 1 week. I used bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, peppercorns and lemon rind. This was a perfect combination. Thanks for sharing your lovely recipe!!

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queenbeatrice September 23, 2010

I made this recipe a few months ago so that it would be nice and strong for my mums bday, cause my sis and me wanted to include this in an Italian themed gift basket for her.
It was very easy to make and looked so pretty in the vintage bottle we used.
For the flavouring we decided on thyme, bay leaf, lavender, peppercorns, garlic and chili. A great combination indeed! My mum is so happy with this oil and uses it for her pasta dishes all the time. It has its own honorary place right in the middle of the dinner table. :)
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing yet another wonderful recipe with us! It is a keeper for sure!

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Lalaloula August 04, 2010

I said I'll wait the full two weeks to review it,but I couldn't do it when I saw how pretty the bottles are. I didn't have a lot of herbs and they were all dry,but I promise to make this again in summer once I'll have fresh herbs. I used bay leaves,orange peel,thyme,chili pepper,garlic. Great for gift giving and I bet your dad's oven roasted potatoes are great with it.Thanks for sharing.

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littlemafia February 06, 2010

wonderful recipe. my 3 yr old daughter wanted to preserve some of the herbs that she has grown in her garden before we move so we chose this recipe. we used some antique wine bottles from my great-grandfather's wine making days in italy and everything turned out beautifully. very simple recipe and one that she and i both enjoyed doing. thanks for sharing.

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jennifer in new jersey May 15, 2007
Flavoured Aromatic Herb and Fruit Oil