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This was very good and I'd make again. I'm a fan/subscriber of Saveur and a fan of all risotti (I have a cookbook specifically for it, yum!) and when a good friend emailed to say she'd bought too many chanterelles at Costco and did I want any, this recipe was the perfect solution. I cheated and took a shortcut by coarsely chopping the mushrooms, pieces larger than the 1/2 inch called for, which wound up being perfect for how I intended this to be served-- as a meal by itself and not a side--I would chop the mushrooms into smaller pieces if I were to serve this as a side. I made minor edits based on preferences and what I had on hand: I used Calvados instead of cognac, added a bit of tarragon when I added the cream to simmer and was generous with the ground black pepper. Every batch of risotto is different and, like bread, sometimes require different amounts of liquid. I wound up only needing about 6 cups (if you have a ladle, it's likely about half a cup and is perfect for gradually measuring your hot stock into your risotto). And because I knew I would have leftovers for my lunch, I was very careful to only cook it just to al dente. I might use an eighth of a cup less cream next time, only for my preferences and not because it wasn't good. Wonderful! The instructions are well written too. Thanks DiScharf!

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bikerchick October 04, 2007

Oh my, this was tasty. I used fresh cremi mushrooms but will try other kinds the next time I make this. The kids keep telling me how wonderful is smelt as I was cooking it. I also replaced the heavy cream with 10% (not that it is light, but lighter). I especially like the cognac flavor the mushrooms take on and I think it adds to the risotto. It was a wonderful compliment to the chicken. We'll be eating this dish often. Thanks for posting DiScharf.

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heather in Ont, January 12, 2007
Flavorful Mushroom Risotto