Flavored Oils

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

A delicious multi-purpose oil that tastes delicious and looks beautiful! Put oil and seasonings in decantors and they make a great gift! Adopted recipe 8/16/06

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  1. Place ingredients in container and fill with olive oil.
  2. Seal and let set for at least one week.
  3. Ideally, 2-4 weeks allows the oil to absorb the flavor of the ingredients.
  4. Use as a drizzle; add to oil when cooking; in salad dressing; as a dip with delicious breads; as a marinade.
  5. When the container is about half-empty, add fresh olive oil.
  6. Store in a dry, cool place (like a cabinet).
  7. Notes: An attractive container makes a nice gift and looks pretty on the table.
  8. As the Oil begins to lose flavor, add more seasonings when you add fresh oil.
  9. You can add Poultry Seasoning for a little extra flavor.
  10. Other Seasoning Options: Dill, Lemon Zest, Tarragon, Garlic, Black Pepper Parsely, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Black Pepper, Red Pepper Be creative!
  11. Make your own Oil recipes and please share them with me!