Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

To my surprise there were only a few Dragon cocktail recipes on Zaar so I took it upon myself to add some more. These came from hand written cards I picked up at a garage sale.

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  1. Mix.
  2. Light, letting flames warm drink (about 20 seconds).
  3. Blow out flames.
  4. Swallow quickly - take care not to burn yourself.
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Definitely a butt-kicker drink! Whew! Be patient with lighting the mixture--I have to expose to flame for about 20 seconds--use thick glasses!

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if u want something to mess u up, this is IT! this shot is extremely strong! it will 4 sure get u! i saw a couple you tube videos, so what i did is light the shot on fire and then drink it thru a straw! and wooooooooow is it potent! this is a very strong strong shot! so warning to anyone out there who cant handle their liquor! made for photo tag! loved it!

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This was pretty cool and of course everyone loved the small flames that danced on the top of the shot glasses. I plan to make these again and take some photos of it. It was a bit harsh, but the coolness factor was there! Thanks Nyteglori!