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This was great!! I used very cold (but not frozen) shortening, and in between working on parts of this I stuck everything in the freezer to keep it workable. I will add that when I went to roll it out, the dough stuck horribly to my work surface. I scraped it off, floured everything very well (including the top of the dough), and it went smoothly. The dough came out wonderfully... I froze one for later baking, and used the other in Teresa M's Spiced Pumpkin Pie (# 21047)... the crust was flaky and delicious, and that said, I don't think I will ever buy another pie crust again!! Don't be intimidated by pie crust, folks, its easier than you think!

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s'kat September 23, 2002

I liked this recipe. I used it for a meat pie which I will post later. I also used not frozen but very cold shortening and very cold unsalted butter. I have a micro food processor...the key word being micro and couldn't use it for this recipe but I do have a pastry knife and it really wasn't that much work. It came together nicely and I didn't roll it out in between waxed paper...but maybe I'll try that in the future. Thanks!! I'll use this recipe again.

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Amy Duchesne July 31, 2003

This was my very first pie crust and it came out perfectly. I made this for Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie (Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie), and I got a lot of compliments. Next time I make this, I'm going to bake the pie crust on its own for a few minutes before I put the pie filling in. I don't know if this is something you're supposed to do, because obviously I'm new at this... I'm going to bake the crust though because I noticed in the center of my pumkin pies (i made two at a time) the crust was just a little soft. It was fine that way, I don't think anyone really took notice, but to bring the pie to perfection, I would have liked a dryer crust. Thanks for the recipe, it was so easy! ----------- Christmas 2006 Update: Hi again Teresa! Hope you had a great holiday. I re-visited your pie crust, and this time I "toasted" it in my oven for about 10 minutes at 350, before putting the pie filling in. At first I thought this was a mistake because the crust got soft and moist, sliding down the sides of my pie pan. But I let it cool and refrigerated it, and then baked my pies the next day. The crust was PERFECT! No soggy middles! Thanks again, and have a great New Years!

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Zelly Bell December 29, 2006

Flaky and easy! Great recipe and the Kitchen Aid had this done for me in minutes!

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ArleneWhit September 10, 2015

I DID IT! Crusts never work for me, especially with all the strict warnings about "DON'T ADD TOO MUCH WATER!" I followed this recipe EXACTLY; measurements and instructions. Used it for a chicken pot pie. It was flaky and delicious. Seriously, I feel like a HUGE void in my baking skills has been filled. THANK YOU!!

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Captainflygirl June 08, 2015

This is an excellent pie crust. I don't have a food processor so I just used my hand pastry blender. The crust was easy to work with, very flaky and had a wonderful flavor, I used the crust for an apple pie. I basted the bottom crust with Karo syrup before putting the apples in to keep the bottom crust from getting soggy and the crust did stay flaky on the bottom as well as the top.

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La Donna Cucina September 14, 2013

Best tasting, flaky pie crust ever!! Thanks for posting!

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Pinkladychef November 07, 2010

Excellent flaky pie crust here that worked out great for me!

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MyCookiesCrumble February 10, 2010

Excellent! Very easy! Even got a compliment from my mother-in-law on this one! Thanks for a great recipe!

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loveland5 October 24, 2009
Flaky Pie Crust