Recipe by McCarthy

from the Belling Recipe Collection for meat pies, sausage rolls, facy dishes

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  1. Sieve flour and salt into mixing bowl.
  2. Mix fat well together.
  3. Rub quarter of fat into flour.
  4. Mix to stiff dough with water and added lemon juice.
  5. Roll out strip about 1.5 cm thick about three times as long as wide.
  6. Divide remaining fat in three portions.
  7. Dot one portion in small pieces over top two thirds of dough.
  8. Fold pastry in three, first folding bottom section upwards.
  9. Rest for 1/2 hour in fridge.
  10. Roll out pastry and repeat with two remaining portions of fat.
  11. Put aside in cool place for 15 minutes.
  12. Roll out to required thickness and size for use.

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