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Made this for dessert on Christmas day and it was loved by all. The pastry was the easiest I've ever prepared, and the finished dish tasted great. I used strawberries, mango, seedless sultana grapes and Kiwi fruit, and glazed the fruit with some melted apricot jam. Thanks for posting Geema!

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Daydream January 03, 2004

sweet, rich, creamy, delicious! i topped mine with sliced strawberries and blueberries, and also brushed it with some melted jam for a glaze. enjoyed by all!

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chia September 28, 2003

This recipe is great. I was worried about the crust making because I had never made tarts before, but everything turned out just fine. Just some tips for those who have never made tarts before - 1) I used a removable bottom tart pan. 2) I used regular Pam cooking spray to grease all sides of the pan. 3) Even though you press the crust up the sides of the pan, they're going to slide down while baking (they did this whether or not I greased the pan). It's okay - there will still be a slight dip in the middle of the tart and the filling is thick enough that you don't need the sides to be very high. I kind of worried about this when I saw that my sides had pretty much leveled out but everything turned out just great so don't sweat it. 4) Don't remove the tart crust from the pan until after you've put the filling in and chilled it (step 10). Thanks for a great recipe!

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amydaigs December 13, 2008

This was fantastic. Made it for company and used strawberries, kiwis and apricots for the fruit. I also melted a little apricot jam and brushed it over the fruit to add a bit of shine. Thanks Geema!

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evelyn/athens May 29, 2003

Even though I am an accomplished baker, this is the first tart I have ever made. This recipe is easy and soooo delicious! I baked it in a 12" pizza pan which I sprayed with Pam. The crust is crisp and buttery. I used strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and glazed them with a combination of strawberry lemonade (that I had previously made) and cornstartch. Beautiful presentation!

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Yolanda G. June 14, 2015

The crust was very good, but the filling was very thick and I used good white chocolate and you couldn't taste the chocolate strong enough for me. I topped it with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. It was a good tart, but not excellent, I wanted more of a white chocolate taste and something a little bit lighter - more custard like I guess.

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partysweets August 15, 2012

Perfection. I too like the "custardy" tarts, but this was a refrshing change. I'm not even a big white choc fan, but the cream cheese overpowered the white choc taste just enough. Nice for a Spring or Summer dinner party. Will make this recipe again for sure. I used 1/2 qt fresh strawberries(in between oranges and kiwi), canned mandarin oranges (next to blackberries), 1/2 container of blackberries (mounded in center) and 3 kiwi thinly sliced (overlapping layers along outer inside rim of tart). I did not have a light colored jam on hand to glaze this and it was fine. There were NO leftovers so I'm not sure how it holds up....

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Shabby Sign Shoppe April 30, 2012

Fabulous and easy to make. Not too sweet, but totally decadent. Topped with variety of sliced fruits and glazed with melted mango jello from TJ's. Tasted almost as good as it looked! I prefer the filling on my tarts more "custard-like", but the chocolate/cream cheese filling set very firm. Still, absolutely delicious.

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Kweili August 23, 2011

Served for a party this tarte made a fantanstic impression and all were dilighted.
The crunchy crust , the thick cream with white chocalate and the fresh fruits are non plus ultram!
Thanks a lot for posting this, I'm glad I found it and tried this out.

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awalde July 03, 2011

We loved it. Just to let you know, I had to use a 9.5" tart pan and it turned out fine, just had to bake a bit longer, of course. Also, from another recipe, I tossed my fruit in apple jelly, aprox. 2 tbl.

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BethHallKelley May 17, 2010
Five Star White Chocolate Fruit Tart