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This sounded awesome.... So I made it....making it lower in fat and cholesterol! I used unsweetend all natural applesauce instead of butter, one egg white only, 2 tablespoons of organic sugar instead of 3, added vanilla, and used organic flour and organic bittersweet chocolate chips... I garnished it with pecan pieces... My husband and I were able to SHARE one recipe serving!!!! It was delicious and FAST!!!! Cook time was perfect!

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Optomom August 19, 2013

This is actually pretty tasty! I did not use cooking spray and it didn't really stick. I mixed it in the mug and ate right out of it (but make sure to hold the handle, the mug itself is HOT!). When you add the egg, mix it because if you don't, it won't all fit in there.

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LauraMLover October 09, 2009

What an interesting recipe :) I love it! I have never heard of a cake being "baked" in a mug, much less in the microwave! I used a 2-cup mug to "bake" this in (I didn't know how the batter would end up and I didn't want to end up with a mess in my microwave). Mmmmm, it turned out so good ... a heavier cake, chocolaty and moist. You could probably add more cocoa if you wanted. I really like the taste of cakes made from scratch. I will definitely make this again !!! Imagine ... a chocolate-cake-fix at work in 3-minutes? That's how long it takes to pop a bag of popcorn! What a treat, thanks dancerchick :)

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"Ratalouille" December 04, 2008
Five-Minute Mug Cake