Five-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 3 mins

This is a no-cook recipe, all you need is a mug, a couple of ingredients, and a microwave... Voila!

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. 1. Spray your microwavable mug with a non-stick spray.
  2. 2. Mix these ingredients in your mug: 4 tbs. of flour, 4 tbs. of chocolate powder (I used Milo), 4 tbs. of sugar (or add more if you want to have diabetes), 1 egg, 3 tbs. of milk, 3 tbs. of oil (add semi sweet chocolate chips if you like).
  3. 3. Microwave for 3 minutes on high.
Most Helpful

At 3 minutes mine burned, but two and a half done perfectly!! Lovely recipe!

Journey B. March 17, 2016

I don't know how this could have ended so badly but it did. I made it exactly how the recipe said and was left with a sloppy, barely cooked pile. Microwave is new too :( Hopefully this recipe works for someone else.

laurenflutey October 26, 2015

This had plenty of delicious chocolate flavor! And it was enough that I split it in half and my husband and I enjoyed our mini chocolate cakes with our morning coffee. What a treat. The reason for giving it only 4 stars is that it was a little too dry for our taste buds. I didn't want to open a can of frosting just to frost two single-serving mug cakes, so I just sprinkled powdered sugar on top. But it needs frosting or whipped cream on top, to add a little moisture. This definitely would satisfy any sweet tooth or to cure chocolate cravings. Thanks for sharing your recipe, ninyai. Made for the Spring 2014 Pick-A-Chef event.

NorthwestGal April 23, 2014