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This is, without a doubt, the Queen of all pound cakes! The blend of flavors is superb. I used 6 flavors because that is what I had on hand (no pineapple). I increased the vanilla and almond to 1 1/2 tsp. because I wanted those flavors to stand out. I used real butter, pure vanilla and pure extracts if available. The glaze gives the crust a nice light crunch without adding too much extra sweetness. It actually soaks in so you don't even see it. Perfect texture--all in all the perfect pound cake, in my opinion! I also gave the recipe to a girl I work with and she made it before I did so I got to taste it before I made it. She loved it too, but she thought it was a little on the sweet side (I didn't think so, but it IS very rich). We both agreed that we will make it again. THANK YOU Sharlene--I will guard this recipe with my life!! Another note: This made a large cake. I baked it in my stoneware fluted pan and it raised up and over the top of the tube. Next time I will bake it in my regular tube pan which has a taller tube.

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Donna M. April 28, 2002

Sharlene~W, I'm sorry you had to get this recipe at a funeral, but oh my goodness, I'm also glad you did. This is so good. I was a little confused by the first teaspoon of coconut, but on reading farther, figured you meant the extract rather than coconut. Also, this is a fail safe recipe. I didn't print the whole thing out so messed up in almost every way, but it still came out absolutely wonderful. This is a keeper by all means.

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BarbaraK May 06, 2002

This was a very yummy cake! I didn't have any 'white sugar', so I added about a cup of powdered sugar (maybe more) to the mix so the topping was a little thicker. It still soaked into the cake, but it had a nice frosting on top. My family gobbled it up!! UPDATE: I used all 7 flavors (I got a lot of funny looks at the grocery store buying 6 of them at once, and nothing else), and it turned out wonderful! I only had regular powdered sugar on hand, so I mixed a LOT of powdered sugar in the glaze mix and it made a great clear icing. Everyone loved it!

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shannonA July 14, 2002

This is only the first night, and I imagine it will just be perfect by Christmas. I didn't have coconut or butter extracts, but used the rest of the flavourings, including almond, pineapple, and orange for good measure. I reduced the amount of sugar by half a cup, and by my recent samplings, it is just perfectly to my taste. I would never imagine that so many diverse flavours would work so well, but they seem to have melded quite nicely during the baking process. As mentioned, there seems to bake up a quite nice crunchy little crust on the outer rim of the cake. Next time I may add some chopped up toasted pecans to the exterior. This is really one of the best pound cakes I've ever tasted. Thanks!

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s'kat January 14, 2003

Tried this recipe at BBQ party and it was a hit. My husband even said it was a keeper. I could not find butter flavour extract so I used orange extract and used real rum instead of extract as I had that on hand. Thank you for your recipe, keep up the great baking.

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kez July 16, 2002

This seems like the recipe that my aunt has made for years. It is also delicious without the glaze.

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Betty Hudson April 25, 2002

This was a really rich and fragrant cake!! I didn't have all the flavours that was required for this recipe, so I substituted some. I didn't have coconut and lemon extract. So what I added mango extract instead. I also doubled the mango and rum extracts for both the cake and glaze. I wanted these two to stand out more. I tasted it on the first day, and i thought it was worth only 4 stars...BUT! After 24 hours...my goodness!! All the flavours have come together, and it is a wonderful cake!! 5+ stars for sure!!! Do make this cake in advance, so that the flavours can come together. You won't regret planning ahead.

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KitchenManiac March 22, 2003

This is a wonderful pound cake. Very moist, very dense, very delicious. I used almond extract instead of the coconut I couldn't find. I used more butter instead of the shortening called for, otherwise followed it to a "t". It's a great recipe!

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Sudie March 31, 2003

When I made this cake and served a slice to my husband neither of us was impressed with the flavor. It seemed a bit 'off' and I made a note not to bake it again. I covered it and we didn't touch it again for two days. I was going to toss it but cut another slim slice for each of us. Both of us said the same thing...is this the same cake? It was so moist and tasty. The couple days of "ageing" had mellowed the flavors. The texture was improved and the cake turned into a "winner". We ate two more slices. It really was delicious! I will make this again, but be sure it is two or three days before I want to serve it!

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SUE MASSARE February 26, 2003

I have a five flavor pound cake recipe but I decided to try this one, this tops my old recipe..Wonderful Cake.

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Angelia Witchett March 12, 2003
Five Flavor Pound Cake