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Other than adding a tad more milk, these were real nice muffins, as they made for one NICE HEALTHY snack after school today. The coloring in these look real nice too. Have to admit they were great, and would not hesistate to make again. Funny sidebar to this, the look on the kids face when they saw the corn being mixed and poured into the muffin tins was worth a million bucks. My youngest said "Wheres the Chocolate ?" End result she enjoyed them too. Made for Holiday Tag.. Very fluffy, and flavorful too..

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weekend cooker May 10, 2011

Be prepared for a meal in a muffin! These are heavy duty and solid even though they do rise beautifully. I used a mix of unbleached and whole wheat flours and I added a dash or 3 of Tabasco that gave them a real boost! :D. I had to add about 1/4 more milk before all of the flour dampen but that has been happening for a good while in my kitchen with many recipes. I think that it must be the prairie weather. These are yummy, so pretty with the colors that they just seem meant for summer and becoming a light meal in themselves with a tall glass of iced tea. Thanks for posting Loula. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia May 17, 2010

Don't think I've ever before had a muffin quite like these ~ Interesting, tasty & definitely healthy! My other half liked taking them to work & having them with a noontime salad, sort of a salad with a salad, I thought! [Tagged, made & reviewed for the VIP in this month's Vegetarian/Veggan Recipe Swap 16]

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Sydney Mike November 05, 2009
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