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Didn't work for us, but to be fair, we spend a lot of time in Mexico and Baja California and are accustomed to the "authentico". For our tastes, it needs more "heat" and spice. We've found that the fish is fried more often than not in Mexico. They also do a "cream" sauce that has a zing to it. I don't mean to infer that this wasn' tasty -- just not Mexico!

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Vicki in AZ April 08, 2003

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to give a rating here, as I only sampled the cucumber salsa, and not the fish taco. I served the salsa with very spicy chorizo tortillas- it was a nice, cool counterpoint to a festive meal. I should note that I used jalapenos so as not to outspice my less-than-heat tolerant guests. If I could rate it- 5 stars all the way, baby!

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s'kat January 05, 2003
Fish Tacos with cucumber salsa