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GREAT recipe. I used Tilapia.

PROS: Amazing sauce, very quick and easy, cutting the fish into pieces rather than strips is perfect, overall taste fantastic

CONS: as other reviews have stated only use 1 T. oil and 1 chopped green onion added to the sauce is a Necessity. While adding hot sauce later is good, mixing 1 t. garlic/chili sauce in with the fish before frying is better,

OVERALL: This is definitely my new fish taco recipe. 4 stars for the few needed additions/subtractions but this one is worth making monthly or for friends.

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Todd777 October 15, 2010

This was an awesome fish taco recipe! I really liked that it wasn't fried, so many are battered and fried. I made a few changes, but nothing drastic and this came out great! I added a good squeeze of lime juice into the sauce which was heavenly. Loved that the best I think. I used tilapia since that is what I had on hand. I also used shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, salsa and green onion for toppings since I don't like cabbage. The fish was great and tender and tasted fresh and flavorful. We put everything on a warmed flour tortillas and altogether this was an excellent lenten lunch! Thank you for posting Tish, I can't wait to buy some more fish to make these!!! yuuuummmmmmmy!

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Chef of 5 April 23, 2011

this was delicious!!
it was super fast and very easy to make! i was at first hesitant of adding the taco seasoning thinking that it would make the fish taste like beef, but it complimented it perfectly!
we used talapia, wheat wraps, lowfat sour cream with 1 teasp of mayo for a healthier meal and it was perfect! will definitely make this over and over again! thanks for sharing this recipe!

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cat. May 06, 2011

Such a great meal! It is my husband's (who doesn't like fish)favorite meal! I used snapper the first couple times but I am using tilapia tonight. Also, I found an adobo chile sauce on another recipe that I use for dipping. This recipe rocks!!

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gatorkate September 27, 2010

Excellent. I did add one chopped chipotle pepper in adobo sauce...which I think was key. Also, ONE Tbsp of oil was plenty, ...and I used fat free sour cream, and low fat mayo. Topped with tomato and cabbage as suggested...and added diced avacado. All served up on lightly toasted low carb flour tortilla. I'll be making these again! Yum!

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surfin' chef June 14, 2010

This is a great recipe that I modified just a little. I'm so excited to find a good fish taco recipe, and hooray! it's EASY! After my 5 year old and I tasted the "dressing", it was a little too spicy for him, and a little too sour cream for me (not a big sc fan). So I added 1/2 cup mayo, and more cilantro. This was the perfect "less sour creamy" and "less spicy" to satisfy me and the rest of my family. I used Mahi-Mahi, and only a pound. I have plenty of leftover sauce to make again soon. I cut the fish into 1/2" pieces since I knew my kids would like it better that way. Also, I garnished with fresh avacado, and I will also garnish with fresh cilantro next time. Just great, thanks a bunch!

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Chef TanyaW March 07, 2015

Made these last night for dinner. We really enjoyed them. This is a keeper!! I will definately make these again. Thanks for the awesome recipe :)

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davidnkelli May 05, 2010

Delicious!!! It was the first time I've ever had fish in tacos, but I definitely will again! So simple to make and it tasted great! We used Bassa fillets and they were great! Loved that it wasn't battered or fried, it was fresh, tasty and quick to make!

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anniesnomsblog March 17, 2015

This recipe was great! Healthier version for fish tacos. I followed the recipe exact. I used cod. The sauce it makes...is the best part and so easy!

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LeahLove2Bake January 07, 2015

I made this for my family's Taco Tuesday. Everyone rated it between 3 and 5 stars, so a 4 star average. To have a recipe that was eaten by all is a rarity indeed. My family did choose shredded lettuce over the shredded cabbage. I also offered other topping so everyone could top with what they like. The only complaint was that DD said she liked the sauce better before I added the cilantro. Next time I will leave a little out for her before I add the cilantro for the rest of us. Great way to switch it up and have something a little different than traditional tacos

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whtbxrmom November 05, 2014
Fish Tacos