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I did not use an egg in this recipe and the batter still stuck to the fish and fried nicely. I doubled most of the ingredients in the batter as per previous reviews, and added a tsp of sugar, but might still slightly increase the seasonings next time because the flavor is so light. I cleaned the fish with lime juice, dried it well, then lightly seasoned it with old bay before dipping in the batter, and that helped give it more flavor. I also overlooked the instruction for 3 hrs chill time for the batter, which may make a difference. Overall this was a good recipe that I will try again.

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sweetz917 July 21, 2010

We really enjoyed this, kids included. I rarely ever fry anything (just because of the mess and the smell really)...but this was worth the effort. The fish was lovely, light and moist (I used tilapia), but I agree the batter could use a little more flavour...not necessarily more heat, next time I might up the 1/2 tsp items to 1 tsp, except for the chili powder which was just right for the kids. It's hard to judge the spices and the seasoning beforehand because batter just doesn't taste very good! Frankly I could do without the tortillas myself and just have eaten the fish and the sauce by itself! Also served this with the coleslaw, which was great. Thanks!! (ps...note the 3 hours chill time for the batter, I missed that part before I started)

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magpie diner January 04, 2009

wonderful made it with chipolte slaw inside was great

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spotty129 November 17, 2007

Very tasty! Loved the batter - I was generous with the seasonings - it was light and crispy. I was a bit concerned that the flavor of beer would come through too strongly, but I didn't taste it at all and all the other flavors came through instead. I used sour cream and lime for the sauce and served it with the spicy chipotle slaw and a bit of salsa. Thanks for sharing!

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pattikay in L.A. October 10, 2007

These were very good and simple to make... I saw Racheal Ray eat some of these on her show $40 a day and thought, boy those look good.... I'm so glad I was finally able to try them... Next time, I'll add a bit more seasonings... I found the fish could have had a bit more flavor.... These will be eaten again.... They were wonderful....I also ate them with Spicy Chipotle Cole Slaw.

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gertc96 July 19, 2007
Fish Tacos