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This is a fast, simple, and delicious fish stew. My ingredients : 3 kinds of fish (leftovers in the fridge) shrimps (leftover too) white German Reisling wine celery, no leeks olive oil (avoiding butter) green peas whole can of Italian tomatoes I think the variety of the fish and avoiding flaking by not letting the fish simmer for a long time were key to this delicious recipe. Will definitely do this again and again. So simple, so hearty, so tasty. Next time, I will use fresh sage or mint leaves, yummy......thank you Gerry in Sanddunes

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Polar Bear March 03, 2004

Loved it!

Had to use a combination of chicken broth and white wine, but it was still great!

Thanks for taking the time to post it.

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suemodikoane July 17, 2011

While this is a nice basic soup recipe, that's all it is - basic. I didn't find anything original or unique here. I made it with flounder, and the broth was not strongly flavored enough to even handle that much fishy taste. So, I highly recommend a very bland fish, such as cod for this dish. I did use a whole can of tomatoes, because I didn't want a partial can sitting around. I don't think that was at all detrimental. In fact, maybe it could use some tomato sauce or paste? The basil was a nice flavor addition. Maybe I didn't put enough in? I used water for the liquid. I doubt wine would have made any improvement. In fact, you may need to add a little more liquid than what the recipe calls for. I don't know what it needs, but there's just nothing special here as it is.

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Cook In Southwest October 29, 2009

I made a curried version of this by using ginger, turmeric, and masala spices in place of the herbs. I used stock from two lobsters and it proved a great way to continue enjoying our lobster! Oh boy, it was good!

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AmyRed December 13, 2006
Fish Stew