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This is so good, I'm quite astounded. It's lovely, too. There were a few problems - the main one concerns the saffron. I love saffron, but have seen first hand what happens when it is overused. I was shocked to find out that my small jar of saffron, contained only 1/2 gram saffron, which is the amount the ingredients list for this soup, which serves four. Thinking it must be some mistake, I took out about a scant 1/4 teaspoon, and used that, first using only half. The truth is that I can't taste the saffron, but, frankly, I don't care. I can taste the vegetables, the fish, the stock, and the basil and dill. That seems plenty, to me. I may even make this without any saffron next time, to see how it's different. It's not that I grudge using a whole jar of saffron, I just have a horror of soup that tastes only of saffron. Anyway. I also read somewhere that saffron should be steeped in hot water about 20 minutes before using. I guess cooking it in stock would be the same, but am not sure. One more thing and I'll finish this wordy review: this recipe goes together like lightening. Like a Chinese stirfry. Do all the preparation beforehand or you will get behind. Thank you very much for letting me eat this delicious soup.Update: I steeped about 1/4 gram saffron in boiling water and added it one portion of the soup which was leftover from yesterday. Admittedly, my saffron may not be the freshest, but it seemed fine in the soup. This leads me to believe that 1/2 gram saffron would be an appropriate amount for the full batch.

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mianbao February 19, 2014
Fish soup with saffron