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This was a very good fish pie recipe. We eat a lot of fish pies in our house as it is a particular favorite of my daughter. The filling for this recipe is especially tasty. I followed the recipe poster's suggestion and used 1/2 milk, 1/2 white wine in the sauce, which I would do again as this added a nice flavor. I needed far less liquid, however, than called for - it made the sauce for the filling a bit too thin (although still very tasty). The potato topping came out a bit too thick for my liking- I was tempted to add some milk to soften them more, but didn't, as I thought perhaps the potatoes might be intentionally thick to better absorb some of the delicious filling. Next time, I will add some milk. My family also commented that they would love to have this fish pie again, but with some additional ingredients added to the potatoes (I usually add a little white Cheddar and garlic to mine)as well as double the amount of prawns.

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HeatherFeather January 03, 2003

I loved the flavour of this fish pie. I did have a problem with the potato topping however, it seems to sink into the filling. Im not sure whether there wasnt enough potato or my white sauce was too thin. Either way, it still tasted delicious. UPDATE i just made this again and feel it deserves 5 stars, it really is lovely

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loveandpeas November 16, 2008

What a delicious and comforting meal. We had a really grey and rainy day yesterday, so I wanted something to make me feel warm and cheer me up. This definitely did the trick. Capers or celery are two things I'm not too fond of, so I just left them out and I used dried parsley, so I used only about 1 tsp. I also added a little bit of dill weed and mixed salmon and pollock fillets. I halved the amount of butter ad flour but still used the full amount of liquid and got quite a thick sauce, which surprised me as others had stated it was a little too thin. I did have too much of it though and ended up only using about two thirds. I will definitely be making this again, thanks for sharing.

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-Sylvie- August 03, 2006

I made this pie according to the recipe except for the nugmeg on the potatoes. We loved this its the best fish pie I have made, loved the touch of lemon juice which really added to the filling, this is a recipe I'll use again and again. Thank you.

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fiery July 15, 2006

I had cooked left over fish I used for this and a commercial white sauce. The fish had lots of juice left over, so the box of sauce (300ml) was heaps. I took note of the first review and added a bit of milk to the potato. This was a great meal in a bowl to eat as we sat watching football on the television.

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JustJanS May 06, 2006
Fish Pie