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The creator of this dish, Mr. Sandman, in his note refers to a YouTube video that he made of this. The photo looked really good so I found the video online. The cooking part went very fast and looked very easy, although Mr. Sandman did talk a bit too much (LOL, sorry). The note mentioned that larger fillets like tilapia can be used, so I picked up a package of four tilapia fillets. The only Szechuan stir fry sauce I could find at the supermarket was labeled "spicy," but I'm daring enough so I got that. The tilapia fillets looked at least three times the size of the little perch (or whatever he used) in the video. Also, the simmering part of the instructions said "see note" but I couldn't find any mention of simmering in the author's note. I used my judgment and let the fish simmer for 5 full minutes at the end to make sure they were fully cooked. The fish turned out delicious with a touch of sweetness and a bit of heat that hit the spot. My husband raved about it, and he usually turns his nose up at fish.

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Catlady2013 May 01, 2013
Fish in Ginger Sauce