Fish in a Boat Italian Style

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 12 mins

Great for thin fish fillets

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Preheat gas grill to medium high.
  2. Make two boats with heavyweight aluminum foil about 20" long. Place two fillets in each turning up edges 1". Make boat tight to fillet using care to avoid puncturing the boat.
  3. Scatter onion slices over fish.
  4. Combine remianing ingredients and mix well. Pour over fish & onions in boat.
  5. Grill 10-12 minutes until fish is opaque throughout and flakes easily with fork.
  6. Serve with the onions and a couple of spoonfuls of uices.
Most Helpful

Made this tonight along with nugget potatoes and a Greek salad, and it was VERY good! Used our electric grill, and blue cod was my choice of fish. I wasn't too sure about the boat thing..I placed a strip of parchment paper on top of the aluminum foil I was using and put the fish on that, simply wrapping it up tightly to prevent leakage. Bottom line: this was a really tasty meal! 3 months later --- I love preparing fish fillets this way, and use this recipe often. Photo shows basa fillet accompanied by garlic and parsley orzo and sauteed rutabaga and carrot. Now that the outdoor grill is put away for the winter, the oven works just as well..done in about 20 mins. Thanks again.

woodland hues November 10, 2009