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Delicious! I added cornstarch to thicken it up, some Old Bay seasoning, more salt and pepper, and McCormick's salt free, all purpose seasoning to kick up the flavor. Love, love this chowder. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe.

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hannahamil February 22, 2010

You want to use butter in this dish if you want a great tasting chowder, and I have to admit I used quite a bit more than called for because the butter gives the broth so much flavor! I used haddock instead of cod, because we like it much better and it was a delicious meal indeed!

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ItalianPrincess3 July 11, 2010

I am puzzled by all the blandness comments as I live not too far from the ocean and have eaten from Gloucester all the way up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine..., A true fish chowder to me was very simple and while I understand all the comments, I didn't care as much for adding seasonings(NEVER had carrots either in a chowder) beyond those in this recipe...however that being said it was still delicious. My husband basically likes all chowders..I will deinitely make this again!!!! It is easy to tailor to whatever you like.

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shanti2 January 10, 2010

Good stuff. I used butter instead of margarine, and full cream milk so it was extra smooth. I was surprised how tasty the broth was given that it was only cooked for 25 minutes.

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Spruce Moose December 18, 2005

This is a great recipe! It appears to be very simple and boring, but it's very delicious. I used a combination of whiting and fresh tuna instead of cod, but I suppose about any fish would be good. Very nice and easy! UPDATE: 5/10/16 I use Grouper cheeks in this and they hold together nicely. Also, having a son with a milk allergy I substitute Earth Balance original spread (butter substitute) and Silk Almond Milk. Instead of just water, I also add about 2 tsp of Better than Boullion Chicken Base DEE-LISH!

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susanwesla_11587704 May 10, 2016

This is a winner! Delicious, healthy and beautiful dish. I followed the recipe, using a grapeseed/flaxseed oil and milk. Before adding the fish I used a handblender right in the pot and blended the soup to thicken it but leaving enough vegetables whole to have some texture. I will be making this recipe again. Made for ZWT 8 by a fellow Bistro Babe

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Deantini July 22, 2012

This was very good. I will make it again and may add some different seafood. I added some smoked paprika/chipolte seasoning to it and used half and half. It had a great broth. Thanks for sharing.

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brian48195 January 12, 2011

Where is spring in Calgary - it's nearly mid April! So, fish thawing, but I decided it was a night for comfort food, something warm and tasty - so I turned to RecipeZaar as always, and as always, I found the perfect recipe. Anyone who knows me, knows that I feel a recipe is just a guide - and this was the perfect 'guide' to start with. The only changes I made were: - I used butter, "rock fish";whatever that is :), garlic (because one can't have too much garlic). - As usual, I didn't measure the ingredients - just eyeballed it. - Once the potatoes were cooked, I smushed some of them, and then added the fish and some dried parsley. - Just before servicing, as a last minute thought, I sprinkled in some dried dill. YUM ....... very good - and my picky "meat & potatoes Husband" really liked it. Perfect comfort food (and healthy) Had just enough to reheat for my lunch today. Will be making this again. THANK YOU for the great guide :)

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Marni (in Calgary) April 13, 2010

I used this recipe, but substituted a bag of mixed seafood(mussels,shrimp,squid,cuttlefish,etc) instead of the cod fish. It turned out great!

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Tom Munday April 01, 2002

This was a very good fish chowder. I'd like to try this again with some other seafood added as well. Will make this again when it is cold outside!. Made for ZWT. Thanks for sharing.

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breezermom July 31, 2012
Fish Chowder