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I made these tonight for dinner. They were really fast and simple as the title says. DH wasn't home and I wasn't sure when he would get home, so I did everything except fry the patties before hand. Then when he arrived, I went ahead and fried the patties. The next time I make these I will leave the water out as that made them to loose to form into patties. I had to spoon them into the skillet and then kind of pat and spread them out. They tasted great and the fish and potatoes did not over-power each other. Thank you for sharing this recipe Chuck!!!

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Cindy Lynn October 01, 2002

I made these for my family a couple of weeks ago and I must say, we thoroughly enjoyed them. I took the other reviewers advice and left out the water. Had no problem forming the cakes. Fried to a delicate crisp. They had a wonderful soft texture on the inside. I used cod fillets. Thanks Chuck for sharing your recipe :D

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ratherbeswimmin' November 30, 2002

I left out the water which make it easier to form the cakes. Great camping recipe.

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Raymond Millard October 17, 2002

I liked this, Chuck. Quick and simple. But the second time I left out the water, much better consistency, well for me anyway. I also added a big pinch of dill tops because I like it with fish.

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Nelly December 21, 2002

Boiled my potatoes in a tall pot with a make shift steam basket ( mesh strainer ) on the top to steam the fish (sole) then mashed them together. I also added old bay seasoning , lemon zest, 2 large onions grated with the juice squeezed out, parsley and a bit more salt. My family devoured them. Thanks for such a good base recipe. Oh, and your recipe is exactly how my Mum used to make them, they were my favorite growing up.

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ToastedNut July 08, 2011

Interesting ... For the east of cooking 5. For the taste 3. It was very very bland. But they did turn out good.

- First off 5 potatoes was too much, 4 was plenty for me
- Second, if I would of put my fish in right with the potatoes, they would of fallen apart. Different fish will taking different times. My snapper would of been nothing left, so you may want to mention what type of fish to add.
- Third, I added Old Bay, fresh parsley, lemon zest, and scallions. It seriously needed seasoning
- Fourth, I did add 1 tablespoon bread crumbs to help keep them together as I had that problem too, and did not use the extra spoon of water.
- I coated very lightly in bread crumbs, froze for just 15 minutes or so to FIRM up and then cooked.

I served it with a lemon dill sauce.
So overall, easy, yes. But definitely not what I consider a fish cake, too much potato vs fish. But it was still tasty and if you are like me and like lots of flavor ... I highly recommend adding additional seasoning.

But they were good and a nice easy method. Next time I may try tilapia, just because they are inexpensive, just to see the difference.

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SarasotaCook April 25, 2011

Thank you Chuck in Killbuck. my hubby had just caught a few big jew fish and i was looking for something simple. This fit the bill perfectly. I added 2tspn of lemon zest which gave it a lovely zing. I was hesitant about cooking the fish with the potatoes so i did them seperately.

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fatducky July 10, 2010

Delicious! I used leftover tilapia from fish tacos so I cooked the potatoes by themselves. I cut WAY back on potatoes. Only used 2 large potatoes and it made 8 nice size patties. I think most people could eat 2 of the patties so I'd say that 2 potatoes makes 4 servings. I used a pound of fish and about 1/4 cup of onions and the 2 eggs. I didn't add the water. Instead of salt and pepper I added about 2 teaspoons of Old Bay Seasoning. I sauteed the onions in a little oil before adding them to the fish/potato mixture. Next time I'll probably add a little cayenne because bf likes his food to have a "kick". I made the patties the night before and then fried them up right before dinner. I dredged them in a little seasoned flour before frying them. Served them with homemade tartar sauce, tomato & red onion & avocado salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, and black beans and saffron rice. 5****** for a wonderful recipe!

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Bubbie Linda January 19, 2009

So simple and so good!! Almost a one pan meal. I also, left out the water and added dill seasoning and the cakes turned out wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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Lorianne April 25, 2003

Yeah, SarasotaCook points out several problems. I wish I'd seen her review before I tried this. Total disaster.<br/><br/>I used 4 large russet potatoes and I have a suspicion this was way too much. I eventually added 2 more eggs, for a total of 4, to the mix and it just got worse. This never really formed patties for me. I used 1 pound of frozen cod, defrosted, and cut into pieces to boil with the potatoes. At least it mashed well. I tried to fry this in a non-stick wok with plenty of oil on high heat as that was the best I could do with this. Didn't really come together.<br/><br/>They smelled great. I'm sure it works for someone. But the recipe is WAY off.

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rtfm13 December 14, 2014
Fish Cakes Fast and Simple