Fish and Potato Pie

Total Time
1hr 10mins
10 mins
1 hr

I first had this at a friend's house. I have managed to recreate it here.

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  1. Peel and boil the potatoes until soft.
  2. Drain and mash with 1/2 ounce butter and the tablespoon of milk.
  3. Add the cheese and mix well.
  4. In a wok or frying pan, gently fry the onions and garlic in 1 oz butter until soft and transparent.
  5. Add the fish,parsley, cream, lemon juice and salt and pepper to the wok or frying pan and mix well.
  6. Place the fish filling into a casserole dish.
  7. Top with the potatoes.
  8. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese on top of the potatoes.
  9. Place the sliced tomatoes on top of the potatoes.
  10. Divide the remaining 1/2 oz butter on top of each tomato slice.
  11. Bake in a medium pre-heated oven for 40- 50 minutes.
  12. Serve.