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My family liked this dish. The use of italian dressing is unique. The only thing is that I would probably decrease the amount of baking soda used becuase the taste is still present in the end result. I will preobably make again but with less baking soda. Thanks for posting!

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Chef Sarita in Austin Texas March 26, 2010

These fish and chips were absolutely fantastic. I'd never have thought of using Italian dressing when frying potatoes or using in a fish batter, but the taste was out of this world. I had to add a little bit of milk to make the batter thinner, and the fish fried up with a really crispy and tasty crunch. Yum! I tried making fish "bits" and also using halves of entire fillets; we preferred the bits as called for in this recipe. You didn't need to cut them, and my son called them "Fish McNuggets." I used thick-cut haddock fillets and the fish turned out wonderfully moist and seasoned. Also, putting the fish and chips in the little wax-lined newspaper cups made a fun and authentic presentation. This is a keeper, Molly. Thanks for sharing!

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TasteTester July 31, 2009
Fish and Chips Bits