First Presbyterian Iced Tea

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

So refreshing!


  1. Put sugar in gallon size crock, squeeze lemons, save rinds and set aside. Strain juice into crock. Heat 4 cups water to boiling water, pour over rinds and strain into crock immediately. Boil 4 more cups water, steep tea and then strain into crock. Fill crock with remaining 8 cups of water. Stir well. Do not refrigerate until tea has cooled to room temperature.
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Sweet Tea with Lemon! What's not to like? The lemon rinds did intensify the lemon flavor, so if you are not a fan of lemons, decrease it. This is like the tea served in restaurants where I grew up in Birmingham, AL. Thanks for sharing! Made for Football Tag,

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This was a wonderful iced tea recipe. It didn't state which kind of tea to use, so I used my favorite black tea, which I think was a good choice. And the few extra steps in this recipe made a difference, especially steeping the lemon rinds in boiling water seemed to add a wonderful citrus touch. I did cut the sugar in half though, but that is only because of personal preference (I tend to not like my tea or coffee beverages sweetened). I thought the amount of sugar was just right for me. Thanks for sharing your recipe, SB6. I'll add this to my "keeper" file.

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I love love love this new way to make tea! I really think that the boiling water and the lemon rinds adds a little something extra to the flavor! I also used Splenda in place of the sugar due to dietary restrictions and it worked very well! This is a perfect back porch, sunny day with a book, sipping tea! Thanks for posting! We will make this often in the summer months! Made for PAC Spring 2010!