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This sounds so much like my cookie marathon with different recipes though I will be trying some of yours. I bake for 3 to 4 days from 8 in the morning to sometimes 2 the next morning. Get a few hours sleep then back at it. I make up about 12 boxes of assorted sizes. I give to our police department, the main fire station (delivered on Christmas day) neighbors, friends, relatives, 2 of our favorite restaraunts, 2 of my doctors offices etc. I bake about 14 kinds of cookies, 8 to 10 dozen of each kind. The cookie monsters in my family manage to get their fair share before I give them out. This is my time to shine as it is yours. P.S During baking nobody dares to walk into the kitchen without my permission :-))))))).

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Mommatweetie October 09, 2005

The cream cheese frills kind of fell apart for me. The other cookie recipes were excellent. I greatly appreciated having this all written out in one spot. I will definitely be using these again next year.

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Carol Mills January 07, 2004
First Day of My Cookie/Candy Marathon (Chilled Doughs)