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I am a bit like the other poster, I did change a lot for dietary reasons but the basics of the recipe are what I went on so I think it is a fair review, and I wouldn't of made them but for the fact that I liked the look of this recipe. I did ask the chef if she thought it would be ok to change and she thought it would work out ok. It was better than ok they were amazing. I wrapped them in a tea towel and took the to a friends for morning coffee they were still very warm and they went down a treat.
First of all I used wholewheat flour and one tablespoon of vital wheat gluten, I used 7g of easy bake yeast, 75g of non hydrogenated margarine, 50ml of splenda b/sugar mix, and the same kind of ingredients for the filling. This is such an easy recipe and we just loved them. I will be making them a lot it was such a big hit. Thank you for posting and allowing me to make so many changes to your recipe.

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Tea Jenny October 21, 2010


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hedi777 June 21, 2009

I fell in love with cinnamom rolls when I was in Finland and I can honestly say, this recipe makes me feel like I'm in Finland again! :) I love those rolls, they're delicious!

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Magda F. May 29, 2008

Well we made them as the recipe stated except that I cut the pastry in half at the rolling stage and did 20 x 60 twice and made them into little ones.I was a bit confused with the bit about pressing down with a knife in the middle but worked it out and they rose beautifully. Soft and yummy, definetly moorish!! That was yesterday afternoon and they are all gone!! We all loved them especially my 2 little ones, thanks for the recipe, I'm off to make some more :)

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Aussie mum 2_2 June 18, 2005

I do feel slightly naughty giving this 5 stars because of my subsitutions and mistakes along the way but these were good buns despite everything I did! I used 7g (equivalent to 1 package yeast) of dried yeast instead of the 25g fresh yeast cake. I accidently put in ground coriander seed instead of ground cardamon but after some sniffing at some whole cardamon pods, I don't think there was a huge difference in taste. The 750ml of flour seems to be more of starting point for the amount of flour to add as I had to add a lot more flour to get it even to a somewhat sticky dough. I always have problems rolling out yeast doughs to be very thin so I think my dough only made it to 30cm by 50cm rather than the 70cm it says in the recipe. After making this recipe I discovered that finnish cinnamon rolls are baked "on end", not with the swirly side flat on the tray. Even with all these problems I created for myself, these came out wonderful! Don't be scared of the cardamon in the dough because I couldn't taste the ground coriander in the dough at all. It seems to just be a light background flavour with these still tasting like a cinnamon roll should taste - cinnamony. These rolls are very light, soft, and fluffy which makes for very easy eating!

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Heather Sullivan January 31, 2005
Finnish Cinnamon Rolls (Korvapuustit)