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I picked this recipe because I had never made a dressing like this for potato salad. I have to say that I liked this quite well. No fingerling potatoes just now, so I halved medium russets the long way, then cut then into slices and cooked them that way - this avoids having to handle hot potatoes. The dressing cooks in a flash, but there is more of it than this quantity of potatoes requires - I did not use even half. However, I think you should make it up in the quantities shown, as a smaller amount would not be easy to measure out. I used a bit over a lb of potatoes, and this would be about 3 servings, not the 4 to 6 indicated. 6 servings from 1 lb of potatoes sounds very optimistic to me and will leave some disappointed. I used green onions, which of course worked very well with the potatoes.

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duonyte July 29, 2011
Fingerling Potato Salad