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Ok.. I mis-read the coconut milk amount so my prawns were swimmimg in sauce.. but like anyone cared? nope, they were too busy going fishing in the dish for these lovely yummies... There were many compliments and requests to "have this again please" at future buffets. Sounds like 5 stars to me :) Sorry that the photo isn't better, I usually take them in the kitchen but forgot and the crowd in the queue behind me made unhappy murmers when I wanted to remove the dish to photograph.. and were impatient to get into it so I took photos in a hurry at the table. These are easy to make, super tasty and very popular in our extended family. Please see my rating system, the masses give you a very well deserved 5 stars !

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kiwidutch January 24, 2006
Finger-Lickin' Prawns