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These were very nice. I used my own icing, but loved the flavor and the softness of the cupcakes. My husband would have liked them a bit crisper, but he also likes his steak charred, so what does he know. :)

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2boyzmum February 17, 2010

I'm not going to star this because I think that I must have gotten the amounts wrong on converting them to US. According to my translation it ask for almost 8oz of butter! I used 6 and it was still waaay too much. Between the butter, eggs and vanilla I had so much "liquid" that there was no way I could add any milk. Even without the milk I got delicious cupcakes (very rich but delicious) that rose beautifully. I could have sworn that I had white chocolate in the house but I could only find dark (I'm blaming the missing white on the moving gremlins!) so they got regular chocolate frosting. I have to say that the dark chocolate didn't do them any damage at all and even with all my mess ups they turned out very well.

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Annacia April 11, 2011

These are very good! Such a wonderful flavor. Thanks for sharing.

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Lainey6605 August 10, 2009

I must say the frosting on these cupcakes are what make the cupcake. The flavor is fantastic. The cupcake themselves have a different consistency than what I am use to. I'm assuming it's the self-raising flour that gave it a more dense texture and also the taste was a little more bland. I don't know how you would change that as a full cup of sugar is more than enough. Also using the eggs and vanilla certainly would have given it something. All in all a good cupcake. Oh and I should mention that I got 16 good size cupcakes from the batter. Thanks Noo- Made for 123Hits~

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CoffeeB February 21, 2009

Well, within an hour they were gone!! I didn't use the rasberries though. They are real easy to make, and made for one lovely light dessert. The directions could not be any easier. A nice simple to prepare dessert for all of us.

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weekend cooker November 09, 2008
Finest Vanilla Cupcakes