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yummy. this was excellant. definately worth the time it takes. excellant the next day as well

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Amis August 31, 2005

I first gave this a three star rating because the filling sank to the bottom and the cake turned out too moist and I ended up not making the syrup. However, I realised that this was my fault, since I substituted pineapple for the strawberries. There is of course much more moisture in pineapple and as you can see on Thorsten's picture, it really looks great when you follow the recipe exactly. I liked the taste and I think this was a very creative submission to the summer competition. Well done, love4culinary!

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tigerduck August 07, 2005

Okay,okay, I confess...I've been too busy in the garden to make this cake but I'm fascinated both by the method and the ingredients. I apologize to the person who submitted because I know it would've been nice of me to do this right so I could give it a high rating. I wish the "interest factor" counted.

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rangapeach July 15, 2005

The description is pinpointing the main facts: it looks great and it tastes much better. The recipe is easy to follow. Two points have to be mentioned: I do not use the whole amount of syrup, because I do not like it so moisten. And I had to pronlong the baking time. With my oven I needed 80 minutes instead of 45. Is this due to the fact that I am not using circulating air in my oven? But the second statement "...until it starts to pull away..." was sufficient to determine baking time. But the taste of the cake is delicious and the texture excellent: it is still firm after all that syrup treatment. And the small layer of fruit and pistachios is an eye catcher. The first mouthful presents you a fresh lemon-yoghurt flavor together with fruit and pistachios. The cinnamon and nutmeg make it complete. No ingredient dominate the others, they complete each other. In the beginning I was a little bit sceptical, because in most cases I do not like syrup soaked cakes. But this one definitely changed my mind. This cake is extraordinary. And the cake will be even better, if you placed it in the fridge for several hours. So this easy to make cake can be prepared in advance and is therfore well suited for parties. My summary: this cake presents a fresh new idea to traditional greek bakery - a must try recipe.

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Thorsten July 03, 2005
Filled Yogurt Cake With Lemon Ouzo Syrup